Friday, June 18, 2010

In the Air!

When I returned to work in December after having Ridge, there was a new job waiting for me with new responsibilities and details. So I remember reading the job description and it saying something about travel being necessary. I assumed that by travel, it referred to travel that could be made by car! I assumed incorrectly. A couple of weeks ago my Lead addressed me with "Lacie it is time to spread your wings" and what he meant by that was, "you are going on a business trip, in which the location requires flight"! Oh wait - did I mention that I haven't flown since I was 2? So I spent the last several weeks consciously not getting nervous about this trip. So Wednesday morning, I was schedule to be at the airport and fly out to Ohio at 9:24am and return home Thursday at 7:18pm. Both flights went smoothly with a minor delay on the returning flight. Overall, it was actually a really good experience; but in the process, I did learn a few things: flip flops are security checks best friend, 3oz bottles in clear bags are a must, and underwire bras do NOT cause problems!

Proof #1- June never went on business trips!

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